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12 January 2019


" Cricket : Did we win, or did they lose?"


A poor level of cricket from both teams.  We were declared the winners.  Not the style I would have hoped.

13 January 2019


" 3 Weeks, almost an Indian summer,"


The pun was too subtle, everyone thought of the weather.  The pun was around the Indain cricket teams imminent arrival.

08 January 2019


"I love global warming, because I live 300 feet above sea level."


It will take 300000 years for global warming to make my home a seaside cottage. Hmmmm...

05 January 05 January 2019


"Groundhog Day."


Say no more, other than it was a great movie.

06 January 2019


"Groundhog Day, groundhog day, again."


Life goes on one day at a time.

22 December 2018


"Last day before Xmas.  Mary Christmas."


Only two people noticed the Mary part


20 December 2018


"how much will the Govt save with working with families?"


The government are lifting the minimum wage by $1.20/hour early next year.  They have deliberately not mentioned that every dollar extrra poor families earn through wages means a reduction in the working for families handout.  This ais a cynical lie by ommission.

15 December 2018


"Lines :  I must update the board daily,  I must update the board etc etc"


Get the drift?

16 December 2018


"Cricket : we have to bat yet...."


We bowled Sri Lank out for 283,  we should do well, however we have thought that before.  (History will show we batted well as well as bowling well.")

14 December 2018


"Do we blame it on : a) global warming, b) Trump, or c) the unions?"


What are we blaming?  who cares, but one of the three is the cause.