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24 March 2019


"Blues win, Crusaders lose, Chiefs win.  Oh to be a bookie"


A single dollar would have netted around $70 for those results.  Makes you wonder, what is going on?

25 March 2019


"Woeful Warriors return.  And so early."


remember the woefuls?  That team played better than this team last night.

16 and 17 March 2019


"There are no words."


Every person will be undergoing an emotional time, and differently.  Respect that and hope that Christchurch never happens again.

18 March 2019


"Over 40 buses cancelled today. Great."


Wellington buses are pathetic.  Get rid of the management.  This while the Christchurch disaster is still with us.

15 March 2019


"Environmental rallies give the warm fuzzies.  We need more"


Kindergarten kids and primary school kids are out protesting about climate change.  We need the parents to walk the talk too, show these toddlers what it will take have an effect.  That does not mean carrying on everyday life, it means changing everday life.

14 March 2019


"This Capital Gains Tax thing is not going away.  Await the sucker play."


The Labour government are hell bent on taxing everything that moves, including the inheritance tax with CGT.  The sucker play is they will announce that the tax will not be 33%, but a lower figure perhaps 15%.  Whatever this is a sucker play and we are doomed by this government

13 March 2019


This cricket tragic watched the last 2 days of the test match, and loved it."


The test match was always a foregone conclusion and the test match was a waste of time.  Having siad that, test match cricket is always good to watch

07 March 2019


"Jacinda, letting CGT linger on is a lingering end."


Labaour are hellbent on taxing everyone at every opportunity, this continuation of capital gains tax will mean a lingering end for this government.

08 March 2019


"Oh Maggie, Oh Neil!  39 years ago today."


Neil and Maggie were married today 39 years ago, and so was I, to Frances.  Just 2 hours apart.

Howabout that for a conincidence.

09 March 2019


"Anyone for cricket?"


The dumb test series against Bangladesh is now having its second day washed out at the Basin.