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 10 June 2009


"Eat your heart out.  I've just had two days off"


Two days in a row off, something that is most unusual.  Being at the Cafe is such fun that its good to be back.

 06 June 2009


"0/10 Weather Forecasterrs, wrong again"


Yet again the hopeless buggers got it totally wrong.  Predicted cats and dogs would fall on us today, was only sunshine on a cool winters day.

 06 June 2009


" The first day in the rest of his Life : David Bain"


Justice works, somewhat slowly, it took 13 years to make the right decision

 04.June 2009


"Ive been a bit slack lately"


So busy that I havent updated the blackboard for 3 days.  Or perhaps lazy?

 5 June 2009


"Goneburger, Valueless, Worthgless, Worth"


Even if Richard worth, ex cabinet minister is not guilty, he still gives the image of a dirty old man.

 31 May 2009


"C for cold, not for Chiefs"


Reached 7 degrees today, hailed and snowed in Ngaio.  Chiefs got done like a dinner in Super 14 final too.

 1 June 2009


" Queeniepoo does it again"


Queens birthday today, of course the queen who has the birthday on this day was Queen Mary, wife of George 5th.  She would have been over a zillion years old today if she was still around.

28 May 2009


"B for budget, boring and believe me"


Today is budget day, and believe me it will be boring. 

 27 May 2009


"Tommys' Mary loves us today"


Tommys Real Estate have celebrated their 10th Anniversary by shouting Cafe Villa customers free coffees today.

21 May 2009


"Bank Westpac, they give money away"


Following the $10mill they dropped into someones account,. and they did a runner.  Surprise, surprise