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20 June 2018


C'Mon Government give workers a fair go."


The government unions are ready to strike as the government havent given them a big thank you for getting Labour into power.  The answer is Grant Robertson : stick to your guns the country is more important than these unions, you are the minister for all people.

"Where's Winston?  He is awfully quiet"


He has the role as Prime Minister of the shambolic three party government while Jacinda is away.  Perhaps he is too busy suing his own government to govern!

17 June 2018


"Thankfully, history will simply say we won."


The AB's beat France in a totally lacklustre performance.  France were the heroes on the day, and they deserved to be heroes.

15 June 2018


"Next week it is the Peters and Jones show. What fun."


Jacinda is off and NZ First with 7% of the vote effectively becomes the government.  Will resemble thew Morecombe and Wise show is my guess.

16 june 2018


"The two Ronnies have taken over"


Winston and Shayne appear to have taken over the role of government.  The b2 Ronnies would love it.

13 June 13 June 2018


"Nth Korea, its all done in Holliwood."


The biased media of USA and NZ tell us the denuclearisation in North Korea is not real.  I presume it was all done in Holliwood on the same set that filmed John Glen landing on the moon all those years ago.

04 June 2018


"Its half  to Christmas."


Half the way through the year.

06 June 2018


"Nothing wrong with winter apart from : the cold, the rain. and the wind"


And hasnt it been cold and wet!  Good thing it is not D Day, it would have been postponed , even too cold for the soldiers of WW2



01 June 2018


"Winston takes lessons on how to be king."


He has been quiet lately, must being given his instructions by Jacinda while she is on maternity leave.

31 May 2018


"Keep working, let the world slide bye."


Sounds profound?  Not really, we have been watching the guys doing road works for a couple of days. They do a good job and are not really appreciated.