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27 July 2018


"John says support Trump as he does."


John is a good friend who thinks Hilary should be the President.  Not quite the same thought as the American people, but there you go.

28 July 2018


"You cant beat Werllington on a good day, unless you are the Crusaders."


And so it proved to be.

20 July 2018


"Winston as PM is boring."


We are used to Winston the out-of-date politico that always wants to play his games.  As Acting PM he is doing as he is told.....so boring

220 July 2018


"A weather warning : must be in case the sun is too bright."


This morning the official forecast gave warnings about some extreme weather event.  Either it was the sun in July or the people creating and broadcasting such crap are deluded.  It was a typical great winters day.

14 July 2018


"Trump golfs while Rome burns."


Don played golf at his own course in Scotland.  How about that.

12 July 2018

"The ultimate ignomy : Poms have to play for 3rd or 4th."


The Poms lost, they want to go home to suffer there.  What is the point of 4th?


14 July 2018


"Ther school hols are half over.  All is well."


So far!

07 July 2018


The warriors of old have returned."


They were crap, losing badly to a depleted Panthers team.  Why do we bother?

05 July 2018


"Hands knees and boomps-a-daisy.  That will keep you warm."


Has been a bit cold in the mornings and something like the old hands knees.... could warm you up.  Havent heard that one for years.

20 June 2018


C'Mon Government give workers a fair go."


The government unions are ready to strike as the government havent given them a big thank you for getting Labour into power.  The answer is Grant Robertson : stick to your guns the country is more important than these unions, you are the minister for all people.