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23 December 2019


We have now closed for the Christmas holidays,  We reopen on Tuesday 7th January

May 2019


"Scomo, the resurrection."


Scott Morrison, Oz prime minister was dead and buried according to the pollsters, but he won the O z election.  Must be the resurrection

25 May 2019


":The Warriors never gave up. Cant ask for more"


This loss is the sort any team should accept.  They did not give up as we see so often.  Does this mean there is hope?

23 May 2019


"My feelings are hurt, I must be being bullied"


We are hearing this from so many.  Perhaps a defintion of what bullying is would help.  This one brought up a lot of hate  speech respnses.  Perhaps the government are right about needing such laws.  I wouldnt have believed it if it was not true

29 May 2019


"Treasury leaks, they happen every year."


This year Treasury and the government are saying their computers have been hacked.  Rubbish, just the usual incompetence

11 May 2019


"Commentators said the Blues were great.  But didnt they lose?"


The Hurricanes beat the Blues.  Obviously and Auckland based commentary team.

10 May 2019


"When she takes her earrings off you are in big trouble."


Just dont let the earrings come off!

07 May 2019


"Today would have been a great day to go fishing."


I could have been out in Cook Strait fishing, but oh no, I chose to go to work instead.  That sounds bloody stupid, and is.

02 May 2019


"Phil Twyford to become a bus driver."


Poor phil, recognising the public bus fiasco has offerred to help in any way he can..  He can probably drive abus better than he can buld a Kiwi Build house.

03 May 2019


It had to happen, and it did today.  10/10"


I have never had a perefrect score in the DomPost quick quiz, until today.  I am quite chuffed.