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10 May 2019


"When she takes her earrings off you are in big trouble."


Just dont let the earrings come off!

11 May 2019


"Commentators said the Blues were great.  But didnt they lose?"


The Hurricanes beat the Blues.  Obviously and Auckland based commentary team.

07 May 2019


"Today would have been a great day to go fishing."


I could have been out in Cook Strait fishing, but oh no, I chose to go to work instead.  That sounds bloody stupid, and is.

02 May 2019


"Phil Twyford to become a bus driver."


Poor phil, recognising the public bus fiasco has offerred to help in any way he can..  He can probably drive abus better than he can buld a Kiwi Build house.

03 May 2019


It had to happen, and it did today.  10/10"


I have never had a perefrect score in the DomPost quick quiz, until today.  I am quite chuffed.

04 May 2019


"Another day in paradise."


Pretty ordinary day today.  Hope tomorrow is better.

23 April 2019


"Are you having a short week or an ultra long weekend?"


For 3 days leave you get 10 days away from life.  Lovely time.

25 April 2019




Anzac day 2019.  the number was my fathers service number while he was in the army, 1940 to 1945.  He saw service in North Afdrica and Italy, as did most Kiwi troops.

17 April 2019


"Idea : Tax us all at 100% and then we can all be beneficiaries."


The government are hellbent on new and higher taxes.  If they do as suggested they can take all."

17 April 2019


"At last they see the light."


Jacinda now sees that her capital gains tax is not going to work  Why did she leave the whole country living in fear for nearly 2 moinths?"